Shoes to Wear in Italy: Hogan Sneakers

Hogan Sneakers

What’s the Infatuation with Hogan Sneakers?

You’ve probably never heard of Hogan, but you’re sure to have seen their iconic H on the side of every other person’s sneakers in Italy if you’ve visited in the last few years. What exactly is the infatuation with Hogan sneakers and why are they the must have shoes to wear in Italy? Find out!

Hogan Sneakers
Hogan Sneakers

The Hogan brand was born in 1986 of the same Italian company that owns Tod’s and has since become somewhat of an obsession in it’s homeland. While Hogan presents a complete prêt-à-porter line every season, it’s the ‘Interactive’ shoe  that is its best-seller.

They first made it available in 1997 and at first glance, it’s just a sneaker. But what made them the best selling shoes to wear in Italy was their elegant design paired with luxury materials like leather, suede, and Swarovski crystals. It’s the kind of shoe that you can truly wear running around Milan during the day, yet not have to change them for aperitivo hour. As their website likes to say, the Hogan Interactive is an icon of casual elegance, the exact oxymoron that every Italian strives to be.

Hogan Sneakers
Hogan Sneakers

Another aspect that has rendered it popular amongst women is that it incorporates an almost ‘hidden’ platform, giving you instantly longer and leaner legs. When I say that everyone is wearing these, I literally mean everyone – you’ll spot them on women of all ages from well-to-do teenagers to their grandmothers. I stress well-to-do as a pair will set you back anywhere from €270-350 in the Hogan sale online store.

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