Mou Boots Match Your Uniquely Rugged Style

MOU boots

If you want to express your rugged self in your shoe style, then MOU boots just might walk your Maverick talk. You’ll look as if you have just returned from the outback tundra of Alaska where a small, artisan shop, nestled between a hunting lodge and the backside of a massive mountain caught your eye. Step out of the cold and into hand-crafted, luxuriously natural footwear. These MOU boots will be a reflection of your personal sense of outdoor style, or maybe your rugged, modern city style.

MOU boots sale are crafted from real leather, a material that doesn’t peel, like faux leather, and end up hiding in shame in the back of your closet or under your bed. It holds up well to scuffing, spills, and bumps. It’s breathable (no foot sweating) and low maintenance (wipe with a damp cloth). And it stretches just enough to mold to your particular foot’s shape. Nothing beats the durability of premium leather.

MOU boots
MOU boots

Select the outside of your MOU boots to match your uniquely rugged style. The many classic styles include eskimo, blizzard and goatskin nanuks, calfskin slippers, and antelope cowboy boots. But so many other choices remain to be looked at in order to really get to your pair. Outer leather textures include suede, polished, or long knap. Colors vary from basic beiges to mottled dark browns and blacks to greys and even blue.

Crocheted wool seams are soft and neatly stitched for a hand-crafted look that laces up the edges of the cut leather. A touch that gives a distinctly hand-worked feel.

Natural fibers of the inner sheepskin liners will keep your feet nestled in warmth atop comfortable, long-lasting soles. Cozy can be added to the list of MOU boots features.

MOU sale design selection won’t limit your choices, either. For height, choose between ankle boots, mid boots, tall boots. For non-boot styles, choose between slippers, inner wedge, and sneakers.

MOU boots
MOU boots

Studs may be your thing. Maybe rhinestones, crystals, or sequins fit your sense of footwear decor. Lace may set you apart as the classy outdoors type, or zippers and buckles for mostly modern, city living. The designer gave so many options, you’ll likely find more than one pair to match your style.

MOU founder, Shelley Tichborne, of London, must have had not only style in mind when she created this truly original footwear line, but customer individualism as well. Her innovative design takes the natural beauty of leathers in an off-beat, back-to-nature direction of style. However distinctly eclectic, MOU boots still don’t sacrifice comfort.

A cult London original, MOU boots were created to be ethical and eco-friendly to produce.

A trip to the wilds of the North would surely have meant finding a pair, or two, of boots as uniquely designed and hand-crafted as MOU boots. If you haven’t been to the wilderness, you can at least feel as though you have been there. Who knows, maybe you’ll be getting the chance to go sooner than you thought.

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