Mou Boots: A Fashion Forward Choice at Any Season

Mou footwear

Summer is almost over and within a blink of an eye winter will be here. A majority will be saying goodbye to fun and playful summer colors since winter colors are perceived to be predominantly in subdued hues with blacks, browns, beige, and white. Choosing a Mou sale and a subdued color may be perceived to be ordinary, which makes it a difficult choice for a more fashion forward woman. One way to break the monotony of winter colors is to choose unusual footwear, of which Mou is considered to be a front-runner. The unusual designs of Mou boots are due to the fact that its designers believe that practicality and comfort does not have to conflict with fun and fashion.

So what makes Mou footwear unusual when compared to the other competitors? For one, Mou boots are significantly made of native materials while other footwear companies habitually make use of man-made materials. The main problem of using synthetic materials such as faux leather is that it will eventually flake off, which normally happens within a year or two after purchase. Unfortunately shoes and bags made from faux leather are also expensive, so that its owners will not be able to maximize their use when damaged.

This is the reason why most high end brands prefer their bags and footwear to be made of good quality leather or animal hide. A number of individuals looking for long term use are shifting to brands that use high quality materials. Mou is perceived to be one of those footwear companies but without the more expensive price tag. Mou boots sale is deemed to be competitively priced especially given the fact that most of Mou boots are made of fur, wool, and sheepskin material.

Mou footwear
Mou footwear

Animal rights activists cannot consider Mou boots to be made from the hide of endangered animals since these are primarily made of calfskin, sheepskin, and rabbit skin. Sheep, cattle, and rabbits are not only abundant but are usually commercially bred for their meat. Therefore, the skin of these animals are perceived to be a by-product of the meat industry. Nevertheless due to the subdued and uneven colors of these animal skins, most footwear companies will prefer to have it dyed in a single color.

Mou boots
Mou boots

Mou designers take this one step further by creatively combining numerous animals skins to make a fun and fashionable shoes. Customers who prefer a more traditional look for their boots do not have to sacrifice their taste for fashion since some of the existing shoe designs incorporate embroidery details as well as stylish metal detailing. Despite the focus on fashion, Mou boots are seen to be durable and comfortable since the soles are made from rubber outdoor soles and hardwearing EVA.


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