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Buscemi sneakers

Buscemi sneakers are made with a full-grain Italian leather upper and 18K gold details on the ankle strap and a lock. The details on these sneakers make it look sophisticated and will accessories your look well. They are a statement pieces to rock all year long and as timeless as the Birkin.

Jon Buscemi started out as an avid sneaker collector with roots in New York and Long Island. The designer grew up in the hip-hop and skateboarding scene in that area, and found his love for shoes through those sub-cultures.

Buscemi sneakers
Buscemi sneakers

Born in 2013, Jon’s eponymous luxury brand launched in Paris in June of that year and sold out immediately. The brand set its sights on being high luxury and even opulent, offering the highest quality in leather, Italian craftsmanship and finishing, with a hip-hop edge.

The now infamous Buscemi 100mm and Buscemi 125mm styles were originally inspired by one of the most sought after of handbags, the Birkin bag my Hermès. Today, sportsmen and celebrities are often seen donning these “obnoxiously elegant” sneakers.

Buscemi sneakers
Buscemi sneakers

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Men can now rock the Jon Buscemi 100 MM high top leather sneakers that are the Hermes Birkin Handbag inspired in the shoe version. They are considered as “obnoxiously high quality goods” made in Civitanova, Italy in the factory where well known luxury goods from Chanel, Golden Goose and many more brands are made.

Check more detail via: https://buscemisale.blogspot.com/

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