About Fjallraven Kanken That You Should to Know

Fjallraven backpack

Fjallraven is a Swedish company which specialises outdoor equipment, they sell clothes mostly and Rucksacks of very high quality! The company was founded by a guy name Ake Nordin in 50 years age! The founder died in 2013! The Fjallraven rucksacks are extremely comfortable and their outdoor clothing which is made from tent fabric is just amazing!

The Fjallraven Kankan has a strong market reputation as well as presence in the Nordic countries! It is also very well known in many different countries in Europe but especially in Germany. Their well-known product — Greenland jackets of many version of Kanken Rucksack is the best thing you can ever buy from Fjallraven! Fjallraven backpack that allows us to go far in outdoors in a nice and comfortable way! They also have well—equipped hiking backpack actually made for hiking purposes, we all know Europeans loves travelling and as the company is a European one, everyone loves it because when they go hiking they need a good backpack which only Fjallraven has why to choose Fjallraven?

Fjallraven backpack
Fjallraven backpack

It is one of the best European companies for clothes and rucksacks! Founded on 1960 have developed high quality products that enables people to roam around easily and most importantly, comfortably, they provide high stylish performance designs! Fjallraven clothing was actually engineered in Europe’s harsh and rugged north! The Swedish company has achieved success that more than any one had imagined that a small company started from Ake Nordin would grow into one of the best company ever!

The story began in 1950 when Nordin a young boy from Northern Sweden built a wooden frame to carry his supplies for a trek in the mountains! And from that first backpack his iconic brand was born the company later achieved the award—winning clothing and equipment for both men and woman also for children!

The moaning of Fjallraven is “artic fox” in Swedish! The company has its branches in Canada in the following states — Vancouver, Halifax, Edmonton, Saint John, CharIottetown, Saskatoon , Toronto , Winnipeg , Montreal and in many places! The company in Canada also offers free delivery all across Canada on all purchases above $69.00!

Fjallraven backpack
Fjallraven backpack

The company’s headquarters is in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden! They also have many versions of Kanken rucksack! Their famous Kanken was launched in 1978 to spare the backs of school children! The back problem was seemed to appearing in extremely young age at that time groups and shoulder bags were popular! Kanken had many simple and clear functions! The backpack soon became a common sight in pre—schooIs!

The Fjallraven is the best shop for outdoor equipment and clothes and rucksacks of very high quality! We recommend you to shop at Fjallraven Sale! The company is more better for you if you want to look more nice and pretty! Their service is very nice! they always try to moot your expectations! So that’s why Fjallraven is the best place for you to shop in!

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