5 Top Tips for Picking Great Footwear from Tod’s Shoes Buying The Right Tod’s Shoes

Tods outlet

There are lots of reasons why buying the right shoes is so important. In fact, too few people are aware of the amount of damage that wearing the wrong shoes can do. They instantly opt for the cheapest footwear on the market, with no real thought for how it will affect them their feet.


The question is, should you be willing to invest more money in top quality shoes, or can equally fine footwear be found at affordable prices, with a little extra hunting? Fortunately, Tods can provide the ideal answer to this quandary.

Tods sale
Tods sale


At Tods outlet, you will find quality footwear at competitive prices. Our products are made from the finest materials, promise to offer you a perfect fit, and will always go the extra mile. If you are looking for footwear which lasts as long as you do, put your faith in Tod’s Shoes.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Shoes

Keep Feet Healthy— the first step to finding shoes which fit perfectly is to keep your feet in tip top condition. The experts at Tods recommend checking your feet for signs of damage or ill health at least once a month. lf the skin on the heels is hard, use a buffing tool to soften it.

Tods sale
Tods sale


Know Your Size — the majority of people neglect the need for an accurate size measurement, despite the fact that we tend to have one foot slightly bigger than the other, and a fluctuating foot size throughout the day. For the most comfortable fit, have a footwear expert measure your feet at the end of the day, when they are at their largest.

Leave Enough Heel Space — if a shoe fits well, your heel will slide comfortably into it with the minimum amount of slipping. The footwear should not ride up or down your heel as you walk. With shoes from Tods sale, there will always be plenty of space for the fluctuations in size which occur during the day.

Take a Test Drive — it is important to take new shoes for a test drive before you buy them. This is perfectly fine with most footwear stores, so do spend some time getting to know the fit of a shoe, by walking up and down in it. lf you are buying footwear online, from a company like Tods Shoes sale, make sure that you have the option to return them for a different size if the fit turns out to be wrong.

Choose the Right Materials — the upper side of top quality shoes should be made out of a flexible material which molds to the shape of the foot. With reliable footwear from Tod’s Shoes, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your shoes will never cause skin irritations, make your feet to ache, or leave your arches without support. For great shoes, at affordable prices, talk to Tods.

For more information on the wide range of footwear products available at Tod’s Shoes, get in touch with our friendly advisers by mail [email protected] – or click here to visit our website. It is time to treat your feet to the very best with shoes from Tods shoes online.




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